Do you ever feel like you do not reach your full potential? Do you have nagging self-doubt, either always or just a certain times (perhaps when at a big competition). If the answer is yes then Inspirider can help you change your mindset so that you can start riding at your true full potential.

All riders must work on riding skills, position, fitness & psychology for optimal performance
All riders must work on multiple aspects including psychology
for optimal performance

We understand the pressure that competing can have – whether riding is your hobby or your profession, you want (or should be wanting) to ride at your maximum potential so that you have the greatest chance of winning. However, there are lots of reasons why you may not – psychology is one reason why you may not be reaching this.

We can change your mindset so that you use you mind in positive way – focusing on what you CAN change and delete things that you cannot. We can show you that if things do not go to plan, there is no failure only feedback: you can learn from every event & realise that if that didn’t work , then what could work.

limiting beliefs - can't do/can do
Do you have limiting beliefs?

Do you have limiting beliefs?

>I’m not good enough

>We can’t do this

>Everyone think I am rubbish

We can remove these limiting beliefs – you at some point have decided on that belief: hence why when you were child you often could ride any pony no matter what in front of anyone, but as you grow older you decided that you cannot ride every horse without any care – especially in front of others.