Below are the terms & conditions that need to agreed before we undertake any work together – it helps if you read through these before we meet.We will jointly develop a coaching plan based upon your stated outcomes for coaching.

I will be responsible for supporting you as you follow the agreed coaching plan.

I will focus solely in your situations with a kind attention and commitment that you rarely experience elsewhere. I will listen to you with a genuine curiosity to understand who you are and how you experience your world.

I will provide you with feedback, with the kind objective assessment that creates real clarity.

I will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and move to action.

I will maintain client/ coach confidentiality at all times.

We both agree to spend an appropriate amount of time in preparation for our meetings.

You understand that the results of any coaching will depend on your ability to take action and to follow the coaching plan to the best of your ability. You will communicate frequently and clearly with me and you agree to take full responsibility for the results achieved. The responsibility for making the processes work is yours alone, no one else can do them for you.

You will share all issues on which you require assistance with me. Issues not shared may not be resolved and may impede the successful achievement of your goals and objectives.

I may set you tasks to be completed in between coaching sessions. You agree to complete the tasks to the best of your ability and understand that if tasks are not completed properly, the outcome of the coaching cannot be predicted.

You will remain committed to the coaching process. You agree to attend all scheduled sessions, take your own notes and honour all agreements. You also agree to contribute to conversations in an open and honest manner.

You agree to pay the agreed amount in advance of each coaching session.

You understand that either party may end the coaching relationship at any time. We agree to fully disclose and discuss the reasons for dissolving the relationship prior to closure.

Any work undertaken via video-chat is performed on the assumption that you can provide an excellent wifi service, use of a laptop or tablet rather than just on your mobile & a quiet, private location for us to undergo any work, only then will you get maximum benefit from any sessions.

All written information on the website/ social media or given during coaching sessions remains the property of Inspirider. No copying of such material is allowed without prior permission of Inspirider & is protected under copyright law. All IP rights are also protectedYour personal details are important to Inspirider, further details of our GDPR policy can be found here.

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