Inspired Rider: Setting Goals

Do you know what you REALLY want for you and your horse?

Goal setting is very important for giving us direction with our riding – whether you hack out on your horse only when the sun is shining, or are a serious competitor. Further, if your goal aligns with your values (i.e. why you wish to do certain things with your horse), it will motivate you to carry on – even when “the going gets tough”!

This book is designed to coach you through not just the “how to set goals” (you don’t need a book dedicated to the rider for that!) but also how to put that goal into action and complete it. Knowing the specific struggles that horse riders face, this book is designed for YOU!

This self-help workbook coaches you through certain aspects that you may struggle with, on your journey, these include:-

  • identify and overcome obstacles
  • reframing negative thoughts
  • risk assessing fears
  • identifying your strengths
  • defining your strategies
  • what to do when things go wrong

The last section of the book is dedicated to your own self-reflection along the way and includes a daily and monthly planner as well as a specific competition reflection and record sheet.

The book is made of high quality white paper, in an A4 format with plenty of room within the pages for you to write and work through the coaching exercises. At the end of each section, is a notes page for extra writing if desired. Dotted throughout the book are small inspirational quotes, to help you along the way. The whole book has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, being ring bound to make it easy to flatten each page for writing.

Here are a few reviews about the book….

Highly recommend! It gave me focus on structuring my goals. It also helped me realise what was important and achievable and what was unrealistic.


Definitely recommend, helps provide focus on realistic and achievable goals.


Highly recommend Inspirider and Liz’s approach. Very practical and helpful!