Things we learn on the series are: An introduction; setting goals; what a positive mindset is; fearless vs fearful rider; breathing & energy changes when riding; how to be a mindful rider
This is what you will learn on the Rider Positive Mindset Series

Do you struggle with fears of falling off, or negative thoughts that sabotage your riding performance?

Do you get frustrated that you never ride as well when hacking or competing out like you do at home?

If I had a magic wand what would you want to change about your riding?

OK, I cannot magically change your riding mindset for you, but this series will guide you through the how-to-s, to stop that awful spiral of negativity that we have all experienced! Being a riding instructor & competitive rider, I truly understand all your negative nannies & fear demons!

This series of six online sessions are designed especially for YOU!! Leading you through the facts of your psychology & riding: how it affects you, your horse & your riding – all presented in bitesize chunks. Each session will last approximately an hour, you may also be set a little task to do at home.

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Here are what other’s have said about the series….

Feel much more focussed and confident and feel like we have a structured plan and strategies going forward to achieve our goals
you will feel more confident focussed and capable after


Very helpful and really cares about your experience and progress. Course really can make a difference.


Knowledge of how to deal with feelings. Help and strategies to deal with nervousness

Session 1: The Power of your mind for Riding
This covers a general introduction to sport psychology. We discuss how your mind affects you, your horse & your riding & how important it is to realise that your horse’s behaviour is affected by your mindset. We introduce how our mind translates the world around us & filters that information leading to positive or negative thoughts & strategies. We also discuss why you should think of your unconscious mind as your inner horse.

Session 2: The importance of positive goal setting
This session is a follow-on from the first session. After time to reflect over the previous week, we will discuss the importance of positive goals & everyone will have chance to discuss what they would like to achieve in the coming months/ years.

Session 3: What is positive mindset?
We expand on what was learnt in the first session. Positive mindset is banded about in all aspects of life but what does it really mean?! We discuss strategies further – what works & doesn’t work – how your beliefs can affect how you behave & the power of positive visualisation & limiting beliefs. We discuss the glass half full/ half empty concept & how reframing your thoughts can have a massive impact on how you perceive events.

Session 4: The Fearful Rider vs Fear-less Rider
We discover how your age, gender, past experiences affect you fears & beliefs. Even if you think you do not suffer from fear or a lack on confidence, we will ask are you sure? – you may change your mind! We will use CBT to find out what happens when you know it is time to get nervous, so that you can understand what goes wrong! Then we will use some NLP exercises that you can use when riding to help you control them.

Session 5: Breathing & ‘Chi’ energy for the horse rider
Do you find when you ride that you hold your breath (perhaps you become breathless). It may not be as simple as you are unfit! If you hold your breath, you affect your Chi energy as well. This blocks many subtle parts of your body and your horse (see below). So we introduce this new concept & how you can start to change this area of your riding.

Session 6: The mindful rider
What does this mean & do you ride ‘mindfully’? We learn how to cope in stressful situations using what we have learnt in the last few sessions. If you cannot learn a dressage test or showjumping round, we discuss how you can! If you find yourself thinking ‘thank goodness that bit is over’ you are not riding mindfully & at your maximum potential!!

On top of all the above, you get the chance to ask questions as we go along (if you attend the live training each week) AND you can book a private session with me (worth £40) at some point during the series – all included in the price.

How to book?

All sessions will be run on the ZOOM platform, places are limited to 20. If you would like to attend, please fill in the form below. All sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend one or all sessions at the time scheduled, you can catch up during the following week.

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Thinking “I can’t possibly afford that?” Well…….,

how much of your hard earned cash do you spend each week on your horse? Do you make the most of your horse – or do you always feel short-changed by your experiences & stop yourself doing what you REALLY want to do? 

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