• competition nerves?
  • struggle with warming up?
  • have ‘bogey’ fences?
  • catch yourself saying “I’m not good enough!”
  • freeze going down the centre line?
  • feel you let your horse down?
  • frightened of handling/ riding your horse?

Inspirider can help you whether you are a serious competitive rider or a grass roots rider. I can offer both rider performance coaching (showing you how to learn from any mistakes, make better competitive strategies, get rid of limiting beliefs, how to cope with competitive or day-to-day stress and much, much more) & confidence coaching (general handling/ riding issues or specifically e.g. jumping a certain type of fence).The process of coaching means that I may ask questions that help you pin-point WHY you struggle with certain things (often without having to know the details that you feel are private), we can then move on to work out how you would like to change & how YOU would like to get there – what is YOUR future riding dream? We may also use three other coaching techniques during the sessions : 

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy® (TLT®)
  • Hypnosis

Depending on your budget, I have packages to suit; from a self-help setting goals coaching book, that does not just help you to design a goal but also how to complete it; an online live training group – the rider positive mindset series; and lastly private (one-to-one or your own private group) coaching. Furthermore, as I am also a BHS APC, I can offer intensive days either at your own yard or at mine, with the day designed (on & off the horse ) by both of us, so that you get the most out of it.

The background

Over many years (as a freelance horse riding instructor) I have seen lots of riders suffer confidence issues or never truly reach their full potential. Being a Master Confidence and Sports Performance Coach and also having suffered from such problems myself, I completely understand what riders are going through. Not only that, but, as I ride & compete regularly I also understand HOW this affects the HORSE and how quickly people can slide into a negative circle of fear & lack of confidence, causing the horse to react more which in turns causes more fear etc., etc.

I have worked with all types of riders; from the weekend happy hacker through to the serious competitor that is out every week and taking professional steps with their riding. No matter where you are in your riding, as long as it is a case of confidence rather than competence, then I can help! What you will also discover, is that although you may come for coaching entailing horse riding, we often discuss much more than this as other parts of life will affect your riding. My approach is holistic examining all parts of life (if needed) so that you become a happier person with all of life, not just in the horse world.

mental strategy: beliefs, values, attitudes, decisions, physiology, state, memories
FundaMENTALS we can work on to change your mental strategies when riding

Throughout the year I run group confidence clinics around the North of England, with some very positive & amazing results. Within these clinics, we discover why you get nervous as well as how it affects your riding & your HORSE. I find that confidence group clinics are especially good at allowing people to realise that they are not alone & that they often have fears & its effects in common with each other (even if in very different situations). We also run through some fast & very effective NLP techniques that you can take away & use. All participants leave knowing what steps they need to take with a clear goal & direction for the future.

All work (Confidence & Sports Performance Coaching) can be undertaken face-to-face in private one to one sessions in Yorkshire (Howden). However, if that is too far there is also the opportunity for most work to be undertaken via video link. Psychological techniques I use (as well as coaching) include neuro linguistic programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT®) and hypnosis.

Inspirider, is part of ‘Liz Horner Riding Lessons’ and is run by Dr. Liz Horner PhD., BSc. (Hons) who is accredited to the American Board a Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnosis & TLT®. Liz is also a registered BHS AI, giving general horse riding lessons as well. Therefore I can work alongside your trainer or if needed give riding lessons as well as sports psychology.