NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Which means? It is the study of how to use your mind in a positive rather than negative way. Compare it to having a riding lesson, you are taught about position and how to work more effectively with your horse, to become a Charlotte Dujardin, William Fox-Pitt or John Whittaker. In a similar way, NLP teaches you how to use your mind to achieve you set goals. Everyone is capable of achieving them, if you have the determination and self belief. There is no failure, only feedback, NLP teaches you how to use any set-backs to your advantage, making you stronger (as the old adage goes). You can be taught how to control any negative feelings, for example at a competition, becoming positive and ‘within the zone’. In very simple terms ‘mind over matter’. NLP is also the study of how you make certain decisions, allowing you to change them perhaps to become more assertive and have more useful states.

There are numerous processes that can be performed using NLP. These include switch patterns and anchoring. Before you come for your first session, it is very useful to have thought about what you would like to achieve- exactly what you would to achieve. You need to contemplate what the specific problem is that you are wanting to solve:

For example if it is competition nerves: When exactly do you feel nervous? When do you know it is time to feel nervous: arriving at the show, before you get on the horse, on the horse before entering the ring, when the bell goes?

Some questions I may ask may seem strange, however, please don’t worry or think too much but answer with whatever comes into your head (this is your unconscious mind answering and is what we are working with in these sessions).


Hypnosis is a process of total relaxation, like when you day dream (being in a trance). Hypnosis allows the hypnotist to speak directly with your unconscious mind, allowing a much stronger result to occur than NLP on its own (where your conscious mind may block results). If you have a very strong general confidence issue, you may require this stronger process. It is not brain washing and you can never be forced to do anything that you do not want to do (like running around being a chicken!). Nobody can ‘force’ you to be hypnotised, only you can allow yourself to be hypnotised, you are in control and you can chose not be hypnotised and wake up at any point during the process.

Before any tailored made hypnosis session I will need much information about you: your likes and dislikes (not just horsey). What you find most relaxing: the type of music you find most relaxing, you may wish to bring your own music to the session. We can record the hypnotic session, so that you can take it away to replay in the comfort of your own home.

Time Line Therapy® (Creating your Future®)

Time Line Therapy® (TLT®) is a process of active imagination. It allows you to:

  • look at, accept & learn from traumatic events 
  • release negative emotions (fear, guilt, sadness, anger)
  • insert a goal into your future
  • remove limiting beliefs