If serious about our riding, especially if competing, we are always working on our riding skills with coaches. This helps with the Physical Strategies, as shown below. But, what about working on your Mental Strategies? This can be affected by other parts of your life depending if they are going well or not so well!

There will be times when you feel overwhelmed by other things (perhaps work), which has a very negative affect on your riding, causing you to enter meltdown, and a vicious cycle of negative mindsets. So, why not have a monthly supervision that allows you ‘ME TIME’, off the horse, out of your busy lifestyle, for you to think about the future, or the past & those bogies that you carry around with you at all times. Then you can reach your true potential, feeling empowered & in control.

The Inspirider Tree: if your roots are not strong, your cannot stand the storms that come in life. Riding is more than a physical skill – there is also the mental side too.

At Inspirider, if you need to look at other aspects of your life, then we can stop & look at these none-horsey aspects too! We approach all coaching in a ‘holistic way’, as we believe this is so important!

Price plan of monthly supervisions

  • 3 months supervision £150 (£50 per 2 hr coaching session)
  • 6 months supervision £270 (£45 per 2 hr coaching session)
  • 12 months supervision £420 (£35 per 2hr coaching session)

Terms & conditions apply, please note payment must be made for the full plan at the start, before coaching is commenced. Each month, a coaching session will last for up to two hours at a time and when is mutually convenient, either face to face in Howden, East Yorkshire, or via good wifi on the ZOOM platform. A ‘pep talk’ via phone is also included if needed, prior to you competing/ riding (if convenient).