Mindset coaching from Inspirider

Do you find that you get frustrated with yourself as you feel you never reach your full potential? If the answer is yes then look at the INSPIRIDER TREE. Although traditional training teaches you the skills you need to ride with success, true long-term success requires more than this. How do Olympic riders manage the day to day stress of running a professional yard on top of competing? They need to be able ‘put down’ all stresses that you & I have every day, mount their horse & compete with 100% focus on the competition at all times (often under the watchful eye of the owner who can take the horse away at any time). If they fail, they have no income! And you thought competing was stressful!! SO HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Such riders have other skills as well as those of riding; they are able to delegate to others what they can. They can learn from their mistakes & bad falls, looking at them in a positive way, releasing any negative emotions. When they feel stressed/ nervous (of course they feel nervous they are human!!) they have strategies that allow them cope, to become stronger & positive, rather than collapse in a heap on the floor! They are highly motivated & have a strong self-belief, that ‘picks them up off the floor’ when things go wrong so they carry on, often having to mount another horse & compete again with 100% focus & professionalism.

Whether you struggle with competition nerves, bogey fences, a lack of focus and/or motivation at home or at competitions, Inspirider can help. Using Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), we work with all your senses to help change your mental strategies while riding/ preparing to ride, which can then alter your mindset to the whole scenario. We also can use Time Line Therapy (TLT™) to release limiting beliefs (eg “I’m not good enough”) & negative emotions, so that you are truly focusing on the job in hand rather than all those negative thoughts. We often use visualisation techniques, that allow you to confront those fear demons/ negativity, allowing you to practise (psychologically) what you will do once riding. (In other words, to work with Inspirider, you do not need to be sitting on a horse, as all negativity is within your head, so that is where you need to improve.) Remember, as also a master practitioner in hypnosis, Inspirider can work at a deeper unconscious level if needed, to banish stubborn fear demons.

So, what if you cannot put your finger on it, but you never really reach your true potential? Perhaps you would say that you never feel ‘nervous’ as such, but you sabotage your or your horse’s performance when at an important competition. This may be due a multitude of reasons, including limiting beliefs, a lack of ambition (perhaps your competitive values are not important to you) or you have secondary gain by not succeeding. Whatever the reasons, we can delve into the ‘whys’ and work out a ‘how to’ programme. With a clear direction, using inspiration goals that allow you to work towards what you want – REALLY WANT – you will then have a clear pathway ahead with a positive mindset.

Looking at the INSPIRIDER TREE, just like a tree in a storm, you need strong roots to ensure your riding stays strong through tough competitions/ riding days. Without strong roots, you can topple at any moment! We can work with you to make your performance the best it can & ‘weather those storms’. For more information get in touch for a no obligation chat: train your mind as well as your body!! WE are now offering monthly coaching packages that allows you to book a two-hour coaching session each month at a mutually convenient time. For the rest of this year, we are offering this at a greatly reduced rate so why take advantage (see offers for more details) or www.inspirider.co.uk for all packages available.